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  • Award Winning Web Design

    We develop websites that work. Systems that complement each other, producing digital solutions that create benefits.

  • Comprehensive digital marketing

    We start every project by understanding your business goals and objectives, then we tailor a strategic solution to suit your needs.

  • Reliable Web Hosting

    At Onpoint IT we pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction, dedicated to be available at all times to help you for any need you may have with regards to our hosting service.


More Business for Less

We consistently set ourselves apart from the competition through our award-winning designs, our bleeding-edge technology and the implementation of aggressive, ground-breaking internet marketing strategies. Better yet, we don't offer empty promises – we deliver real results.


Once you become an Onpoint-IT marketing client, you will be set up with your own marketing team that will be there to support and guide you through the launch and marketing process. You will work with a professional team of experts who knows you, knows your account and are able to help whenever you need it.


We pride ourselves on being proactive with our clients. By making adjustments, establishing creative marketing strategies and always pushing the envelope in your online marketing campaign, we will do whatever it takes to maximize your online exposure.

We truly believe that the only measure of our success is that of our clients, and we work hard to earn it.


In today's competitive online environment, it is no longer just an option to have a professional website; your online presence could be the difference between closing up shop and having a thriving business. To be successful, you need a proactive, professional website that targets your specific practice areas of law.

You need Onpoint-IT.

At our company, we aren't interested in giving out cookie cutter websites. We are innovators in our industry and are constantly pushing the envelope. By working with our professionals, you can be confident knowing that you have a business partner who is as invested in your success as you are.

Some companies are content to "set it and forget it." Not us. We know that the online market is constantly evolving and we work tirelessly to keep up with it. The second your site becomes stagnant is the second you lose your edge. We're here to help ensure this never happens. This is why we work around-the-clock making sure that our clients' websites are new and relevant, allowing them to frequently outrank and outperform those of our competitors'. No matter if our clients are targeting a small local city, a growing metropolis or even launching a nationwide campaign, we have the manpower, energy and fresh ideas to make it happen. We are never intimidated by a package and approach each and every project with enthusiasm, optimism and the necessary passion to get it done.

Being found online isn't enough – and we don't believe that our job stops there. This is why we look to create website designs that actually engage a visitor, holding their attention and, ultimately, inspiring them to contact your firm. By pairing our optimization prowess to help you achieve organic rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing with our appealing and award-winning designs, we help your website find and convert potential clients. To further assist in this, we have developed a comprehensive list of search engine marketing tools that are always at your disposal.

While Onpoint-IT primarily creates websites & aggressive marketing campaigns for lawyers & law firms, we also create website marketing campaigns for doctors, dentists, hospitals, plastic surgeons, accountants, veterinarians, and we will develop any customized marketing campaign for your particular needs. We don't discriminate. If you want to succeed online, we can help you and your business meet and exceed your expectations. Don't work with second best. Pick up the phone today and join the constantly growing Onpoint-it family.

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